Why Storywarrior

Written by:
Michael D. May

Why Storywarrior


Why not Story teller Why not Story Maker Why not Story Friend Why not Story Barbie Why not Story Peacemaker


Why not something more peaceful or more feminine or more gentle Why not something with less implication of struggle and violence and male-dominated history; something not so harsh


Why Storywarrior


Let me announce here that Ultimate Reality is perfect peace. Ultimate Reality is absolute love. Ultimate Reality is universal connectedness. Ultimate Reality is unreduced wholeness. Ultimate Reality is Unity. Ultimate Reality is complete healing. Ultimate Reality is immeasurable perfection. Ultimate Reality is gentle tranquility and everlasting serenity. This is the Truth.


BUTthe wonder-full, awe-inspiring, absolute soothing nature of the Truth I just described has to interact with us here in the realm of time and space and material existence.this place we all live. The light of Timelessness has to interact with the time and space and stuff of daily life. This is the place where I live. This is the place where I live with constant competing demands on my time and attention. This is the place I live with meals to be fixed and groceries to be purchased and bills to be paid and lawns to be mowed and leaves to be raked and partners and children and grandchildren, employers and bosses to be accommodated. I live here in time and space and physical existence with limited resources, death, disease, divorce, hunger, illiteracy, homelessness, environmental pollution, global warming, tsunamis, wars everywhere, bickering political parties, and the threat of nuclear disaster.


This is my home.


Yet, what I know to be Ultimate Truth is true, and It is here with me now. My job and my journey is to learn to practice seeing, connecting with, and becoming transparent to that Ultimate Reality here in all of the relative reality that I daily bump around in as part of this amazing creation we call life.


The path of struggle, the path of the warrior, is the path to living fully and authentically in this world. Our growth, our depth journey, is about learning to see and manifest the wholeness of Ultimate Truth and learning to trust this wholeness and love this wholeness in every diverse situation, unique encounter, and individualized relationship throughout our lives.


This is the path of depth.


This is the path of the Storywarrior.


Personal transformation does not happen without struggle.


The reason most profound materials are not profound is that they are phony; they do not acknowledge or address the very real struggle, sufferings, trials, tribulations, disappointments, and battles that present themselves into each of our real lives every day. My reality is one that is both 100% relative and 100% ultimate. I live here in the squeeze between the two.


Warrior best describes the role we individually and collectively avoid embracing in the doomed pursuit of some kind of false, make-believe, pseudo-peace and phony harmony and incomplete love. We dwell in our delusional hope that somebody or some force out there will deal with all of these daily battlegrounds which consume our attention and call for immediate personal responsibility and action. If you are yet uncertain of the truth of this message join your local school board, spend a few nights volunteering in the community homeless shelter, host a sleep-over for some 10 year old boys, or provide hospice services for someone you love.


This world we all share now needs, as it always has and always will, those who are willing enter the fray and, in the midst of the battle of daily life as part of the Creation, transparently reveal the authentic peace and the authentic harmony and the authentic love that is beyond human comprehension and control but is forever and unreservedly available to us if we will accept its presence and its promise. This is the peace of the Storywarrior.


Anything other than Storywarrior does not fully honor our actual experience of the interior life. If one wishes to believe the fantasy that the interior life is only roses and peaches and cream then one has no real interior life. It is in the deep interior that we choose constantly our fundamental relationships to life. It is in the authentic inner life that this struggle continues as long as breath continues. This struggle is not a struggle from which we need to seek escape but rather one within which, through self-aware engagement, we have the opportunity to discover authentic harmony and authentic peace. It is this struggle that delivers us into real life and authentic relationship with one another. It is this struggle that removes us from the illusion that until now prevented us from connecting with our essential depth and that of our neighbor. My interior life begins as it is awakened within my real daily existence.


I often watch the victory of a dramatic sunset on the horizon at the end of day. The most radical and brilliant sunsets simply reveal the interaction of the timeless Light of the Infinite as it pierces and intermingles with the dust and dirt and grime and pollutants and atmospheric particulate matter of time and space.


This interplay of the Infinite with the finite is our real home in the real world.


Please join me on this journey as together we learn to see truly and allow our thoughts and actions to become increasingly transparent to this timeless Truth and the authentic love, peace, and joy it harbors.


The only real battles are within. I am forever a Storywarrior.

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