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The Great No Thing

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Kierkegaard Rap

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Wells of Maliwada

Joseph Mathews illuminatesmeeting a table of common consciousness with two members of traditionsdifferent from his own.

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What This Website is NOT

Confused about the purpose of this website
Maybe it's easiest to explain what it is NOT.

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Box of Personality

Personality is a box that we all live in.

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The Big Bang Created Estrangement

Before the beginning, there was unity.
At the beginning, separation appeared.

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I Need a Myth!

The mythologies of the past are gone.
They no longer communicate well to us.

"Probably the biggest contradiction in our time is the absence of an adequate mythology, whereby one has a road map over and through the topography of the Other World."
Joseph Wesley Mathews

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"self" vs. "Self"

Lauri shareshow she enters The Silence to connect with her Essential Self.

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There is Nothing Else Coming

Michael revealsthat there is nothing more mysterious than Reality.

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