Zazen is Good for Nothing

One thought on “Zazen is Good for Nothing”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Managing human consciousness is a challenge.

    Managing human consciousness is a challenge personally and collectively.

    The depth traditions of the East and the West evolved as postures and practices for the purpose of managing human consciousness.

    After the disappearance of the founding principle or principal of these great traditions, it took less than 5 minutes for zealous followers to devolve the originating illumination and orientation into human morality, human fundamentalism, human literalism, human sentimentality, and human rationality. Today we ask, Where is the depth

    Affluent members of the human species are now guiding us in consuming and entertaining ourselves to death. Our screen-driven, self-absorbed, externally-oriented, consciousness remains tantalized at the most superficial level attainable. The deep wisdom of the East and the West and the practitioners of disciplined consciousness are needed more than ever. The great depth traditions of the East and West need the insights of one another if they are to renew themselves and serve a complex contemporary world.

    The cinematic art forms of Interior Mythos Journeys are born in the vortex at the confluence of the deep currents of East and West. It is the mission of Interior Mythos Journeys to deliver these timeless, universal, and changeless depth messages to this present moment.

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