You Become What You Eat

One thought on “You Become What You Eat”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    What did you eat for breakfast? Are you getting enough Vitamin C?

    Many of us become fairly neurotic about the dietary input sustaining our physical bodies. We often take our rituals of culinary and nutritional consumption very seriously and for good reason.

    Are we as neurotic about the news and advertisements and professional or entertainment materials we consume every day? Are we as neurotic about the emotional environments in which we daily place ourselves?

    What is the input that defines your life? What are the rituals that sustain and nurture that input?

    While we can make ourselves and those around us nuts maintaining the “right” culinary and nutritional consumption, we sometimes are unconscious of the more important INPUT feeding and nourishing our depth interior life.

    Am I living an intentional interior life?

    Do I know what INPUT is daily nurturing my deepest essential reality? Do I know what rituals are delivering this vital INPUT?

    Am I fuzzy about the means and methods by which I receive and digest the most important INPUT of my life? If so, perhaps today is the day I can begin to nurture some intentionality.

    Perhaps today is the day I need to return to the institutions or rituals or liturgical INPUT that once sustained me in depth? If this suggestion does not resonate, then consider the practice of digesting one Interior Mythos Journeys curriculum module a day…..or a week….or…. setting aside a time and place for exercising some intention regarding a ritual life of depth.

    Maybe today is the day?

    Fr. Fragomeni is correct “you become what you eat!”

    GO Deep…….

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