Where God Lives

One thought on “Where God Lives”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    What is “fun?”

    What is “play?”

    How much fun and how much play is reflected in your life?

    Why trouble ourselves with such a “childish” question?

    Yet, the creation process is a funny thing. Creation is a funny thing. The Management-of-All-That-Is seems to delight in irony and absurdity…..yet, we take all this so seriously!

    The truth about existence seems to be No paradox, No truth…Know Paradox, Know Truth. Yet, our rational, 21st Century, western minds insist on life making sense.

    The curriculum of Interior Mythos Journeys invites us on a special journey out of our minds; a journey to The Deep Place.

    GO Deep…….

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