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  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    I Googled default personal affirmations, but it doesn’t seem to be in the common vocabulary. What are some examples of default personal affirmations? Can they be both helpful and unhelpful? Are they related to my core values in some way? Can they contradict personal affirmations that I want to create for myself?

  2. Richard E MacKay says:

    I’ve done a lot of work with affirmations, and even posted some on the walls around my apartment, but I’m unclear about what my default personal affirmation is or how I can become conscious of it.

  3. Michael D. May says:

    Rich, I am grateful you did not find “default personal affirmations” on Google. This affirms a core value of Interior Mythos Journeys curriculum which is: If it is in the popular culture, it is already corrupted!

    This subject of personal affirmations is dealt with in depth in Life Journey #3 – The Ultimate Entanglement in Station 5, Bead 5: “Repetitive Interior Recitation.” I highly recommend this module as an encounter with what it means to choose and practice an intentional “default personal affirmation” as opposed to one that is unconscious, but pervasive. 

    Some really unhelpful, but common and generally unconscious default personal affirmations include: “God Damn it,” “Why me?”, “I can’t help myself, this is just who I am,” “It is the fault of X that I am like this,” “I don’t know,” “This is too much for me,” “What the hell!” “I can’t because…,” and a few thousand others. If we are unconscious of the default personal affirmation being rehearsed constantly in the background of our consciousness, then it continues to run our life without the permission of our deepest essential reality and freedom. If, however we become conscious of an unhelpful default personal affirmation, we can choose to change it. We can choose to replace it with a default personal affirmation that connects us with the values and the depth we intend. Bead 5, “Repetitive Interior Recitation” provides many excellent examples of options we can borrow from others throughout history who have shared this deep quest for an intentional interior life.

    If we are uncertain what our current operating default personal affirmation is, we can simply begin repetitive interior recitation of a personal affirmation we wish to install into our operating life posture and the old default personal affirmation will reveal itself through rebellion, active sabotage, or some other observable means.

    Change the interior programming and the interior programming will change you.

  4. Richard E MacKay says:

    Thank you Michael. Well said, beautiful. I just listened to your eulogy to Ann, your wife. I did not know at first that she was your wife; I think I confused her with her mother.

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