We Are Flow Beings

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  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    Man, this speaks to me deeply. We have been reading the Eckhart Tolle book, The Power of Now at the church where I attend, and I’ve thought that he is missing a piece in what he is talking about. I haven’t been able to tell others in the class what I see. Others in the class, have seemed to buy his philosophy without question. This talk of our being Flow Beings nails what he, Tolle, is leaving out.

  2. Michael D. May says:


    Thank you for these comments and affirmation.

    There are some great teachers walking the planet today, including Eckhart Tolle. Interior Mythos Journeys is grateful to incorporate his excellent insights in this curriculum. However, you are correct that, many teachers of depth narrow the scope of what is real and choose to approach life through a filter that is reduced. You and I were privileged to have been nurtured by Joseph Mathews, RS-1, the Ecumenical Institute, and an unreduced perspective, or a perspective gained from an encounter with The Great Unreduced. Those great teachers who shared that journey are now deceased or approaching the endgame. The world is filled with voices promoting highly reduced perspectives that will not finally heal the solitary individual or a suffering planet. Before the final chapter closes on the trajectory in consciousness awakened by RS-1 in the 1960s and 1970s, the intent of the Life Journey Series is to extend this transformative message to a new generation inhabiting the 21st Century. This population lives in a digitally enveloped global village, possessing a quantum scientific worldview, and seeking orientation in the cosmic context of The Space Age.

    The eight sequential modules of Life Journey #2 The Ultimate Reality set the context for this adventure. Feel free to share the material with your church discussion group as you continue to promote a deep journey in the current age. The cinematic art forms, solitary journal questions, and group discussion questions are all available on this website.

    We are grateful for your presence on this timeless path.

  3. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    This module explores the truth we all know but may not have the poetry to describe. In those connective moments, when time disappears, and we enter into a state of oneness with our activity, our environment, and deep personal state of being, in these moments we receive a hint as to who we truly are at the deepest levels of consciousness.

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