Transforming Pain – The Releasing Word

2 thoughts on “Transforming Pain – The Releasing Word”

  1. katherine says:

    I think to say that it was “God’s Will” for a divorce is a common human projection and error. Whatever”truths”— whatever “life” lessons we need to learn will simply be repeated in another set of circumstances and in another circumstances, etc. until we “get” it.

    It appears to me the turning point—the shift in consciousness—where “you” could “bear” the pain came when you “mistakingly” believed the divorce was God’s Will which allowed you at that time, for the first time, to then SURRENDER “your” will to God and “ACCEPT” the divorce as a reality in your life. Simply put: it was the SURRENDER and the ACCEPTANCE that allowed for the flow of graces to begin the healings .

    If this “take” does not sit well with you please feel free to junk it. As long as I am in this body I will be making plenty of mistakes. The “miracle” is that today I experience “mistakes” as an opportunity and learning experience and I no longer “personalize” the error! Huge shift in consciousness! WHAT A FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Every message on this website is, first and last, a commentary on “The Releasing Word” described in this module by Jack Gilles. What is this Word in the midst of life that does not take away our personal pain of tragedy, suffering, and loss, but transforms everything? Join Jack in this connection.

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