This Is My Body

One thought on “This Is My Body”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    What do life and death have to do with one another?

    Maybe everything!

    Is it possible to fully eat the bread of life if one is not willing to eat the bread of death?

    Most of us quickly grasp the survival instinct and trust its appearance and impetus within ourselves or another. Yet we are often challenged to grasp inclinations, postures, or acts that run counter to this deeply programmed survival orientation; acts of self-sacrifice or expenditure.

    Yet, at a deeper level, we recognize the emptiness of a life lived through consumption with a primary objective of survival, contrasted with the fullness of a life of expenditure and a primary objective of service.

    Contrary to the daily bombardment of messages from the popular culture, meaning in life is derived not from consumption but expenditure.

    This unpopular and unwanted truth is central to the most radical rituals great teachers have shared throughout history to assist in smashing our cherished illusions. This truth is central to the curriculum promoted through Interior Mythos Journeys.

    This Is My Body……

    GO Deep…….

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