There is a Stream

3 thoughts on “There is a Stream”

  1. Dee Burt says:

    I agree Michael, the body in the box is like a casing inside a casing.

  2. Richard E MacKay says:

    You gave an excellent clarification of living in time and timelessness.

    I am seeing the presence of the ground, the Earth, my Ground of Being, seeing that I live in time amidst the social story(s) around me, or in witnessing a simple rainstorm. Most of all however, I live concurrently in relationship to the depth and breadth of this timeless stream.

    I dont know if Ive said it as clearly because its a poetic to me and not just a scientifically evident fact.

  3. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    What is the One Reality that holds together all the apparently separate moments of your life? This module explores the underlying agreement we each enter into as we become part of the Stream of Timelessness.

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