The Great Work

2 thoughts on “The Great Work”

  1. says:

    thank you! I needed to hear precisely this. I heard Merton shine in your wisdom

  2. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    When is it our doing is not just doing?

    When does the activity of our lives point to an essential reality beyond the doing, yet revealed within it?

    On May-the-Force-Be-With-You Day (May 4th) 2019, and the anniversary of the death of one of the prime instigators of this curriculum, we are grateful to share a reflection on transparent service.

    Service to our suffering and confused world has never been more needed than today. Yet, only the Fiery Furnace of Being can refine our service and make it transparent to the depth for which our age hungers.

    May we share the journey of The Great Work.

    The Force is With You!

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