The Enigma of Truth

One thought on “The Enigma of Truth”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    I realize with this diagram [from a lecture on ‘The Enigma of Truth’ by Gene Marshall at Interior Mythos on YouTube] that I have developed my creative life from my contemplative Self for some time. I remember this awareness emerged as I developed my artistic side. Where I vibrantly live is when I stop and Be in my contemplative Self and detach from stress or being too much in my analytic, thinking mind. The walks I go on especially those around this Pond or along the Greenway in Huntsville are most illuminating and refreshing. I do this several times a week if I can.

    Here are some notes after this evening’s walk around the pond. As I walk I often notice how the wind, the water, the surrounding trees, the reflections on the water, as well as the sun occur visually, kinesthetically, and energetically stirring thoughts sometimes. If I can, I would like to bring a paint pallet out here and paint the images as they occur for me. I can feel something like the texture of the water. There is more, however, than just the framed visual image; it’s not just a framed picture, but includes the whole panorama of what I’m experiencing. I am not adept at capturing these visual images photographically; however, I believe it’s most important to be here experiencing, and then I can capture it artistically, musically, or poetically afterward. Tonight after my walk, I noticed on the drive home that the colors in my vision along the road were more vibrant and deep. This was not a new experience. -Rich MacKay

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