The Enigma of Truth

2 thoughts on “The Enigma of Truth”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    I realize with this diagram [from a lecture on ‘The Enigma of Truth’ by Gene Marshall at Interior Mythos on YouTube] that I have developed my creative life from my contemplative Self for some time. I remember this awareness emerged as I developed my artistic side. Where I vibrantly live is when I stop and Be in my contemplative Self and detach from stress or being too much in my analytic, thinking mind. The walks I go on especially those around this Pond or along the Greenway in Huntsville are most illuminating and refreshing. I do this several times a week if I can.

    Here are some notes after this evening’s walk around the pond. As I walk I often notice how the wind, the water, the surrounding trees, the reflections on the water, as well as the sun occur visually, kinesthetically, and energetically stirring thoughts sometimes. If I can, I would like to bring a paint pallet out here and paint the images as they occur for me. I can feel something like the texture of the water. There is more, however, than just the framed visual image; it’s not just a framed picture, but includes the whole panorama of what I’m experiencing. I am not adept at capturing these visual images photographically; however, I believe it’s most important to be here experiencing, and then I can capture it artistically, musically, or poetically afterward. Tonight after my walk, I noticed on the drive home that the colors in my vision along the road were more vibrant and deep. This was not a new experience. -Rich MacKay

  2. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    How do I know stuff?

    How does a 9-year-old child know stuff?

    How does anybody know anything?

    What is truth? And, what is TRUTH?

    The scholars and academics and scientists might have us believe that a little more research, a little more data, a few more measurements, and the answer to all of our deepest questions will be forthcoming. Just stay tuned. But, when we look at the world around us this singular approach to truth has created, we might quickly conclude that something more is needed.

    The human family and the world we share desperately needs an infusion of depth; an infusion of a deeper perspective that more data will never provide.

    Gene Marshall invites us to a journey into The Enigma of Truth.

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