Box of Personality

Personality is a box that we all live in.

4 thoughts on “Box of Personality”

  1. Lydia says:

    Becoming the river, flowing, sparkling in the sun; becoming the breath we breath – one with the wind; resting in the limitless space of body sensations; finding self reflected back from the eyes of the beloved – the beloved’s face changing constantly – everywhere.

  2. Donny Rothbardt says:

    One empowering thing I’ve learned along my life’s journey is, that I am not my personality. The word personality coming from the Greek tragedies definition…Persona…meaning mask. I am not my mask.

  3. sherwood shankland says:

    journey within the journey within the journey

  4. Dee Burt says:

    I choose to live in the now and melt away old habits that no longer serve me. It is so refreshing to belong to a group of spiritual beings who support this practice:)

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