The Big Bang Created Estrangement

Before the beginning, there was unity.
At the beginning, separation appeared.

2 thoughts on “The Big Bang Created Estrangement”

  1. Dee Burt says:

    Estrangement to me is a self-correction tool to use and grow from. Estrangement however can block us from loving ourselves and others. If we choose to ignore the often soft and humble voice that is trying to guide us, moments of living in the joyful flow are lost…sometimes for a very long time.

  2. Michael D. May says:

    Dee, Yes….yes. The estrangement of separation and the separation of estrangement is what we seek to overcome in relationship to one another, ourselves, and our “Ground of Being” (Paul Tillich). And, it is only in connecting with our “Primary Relationship” of Ultimate Reality, that all of these estrangements can be healed….and instantly; even if the hurt and separation has persisted for decades or generations. The Great Mediator facilitates and heals all relationships and all estrangements if only we will allow our egos to move aside.

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