Awakening the Interior Life

One thought on “Awakening the Interior Life”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    You are dying!

    Do you acknowledge this truth?

    Every-thing and every-body is dying!

    Do we acknowledge and embrace this truth of death or do we spend our life energy resisting, avoiding, and denying this special portal of consciousness?

    Grasping the intimacy of death and the interior life is little-acknowledged and little-discussed. Yet, this intimate connection is vital to living a life of authenticity and depth.

    The curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys seek to guide us on this narrow and less-traveled path. This path has never been popular, nor will it ever be, among the human family. Yet, this path alone can deliver us into the depth of our own essential reality.

    The portal is open…awaiting our consciousness to enter.

    I sense Fr. Richard Fragomeni, Ph.D. knows the way.

    GO Deep…….

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