Stop It! Are You Crazy

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  1. I can almost see Fr. Fragomeni as a child, tossing the bread crumbs and chanting! This story is precious. It made me reflect on my own experience of the veil lifting and closing.

    When I was young, the feeling of enchantment and the knowledge of a dimension of time and space that I could not see was a given. I did not question it, I just felt it. As I became a socialized adult, I forgot or ignored this ever present mystery.

    Now I encourage my kids to open their hearts to mystery and to accept the unknown as their friend. I want them to trust in what they cant see. Play with the imaginary. Talk to no one in particular, ask open ended questions of the invisible. Believe in Pegasi, dream big dreams and follow their hearts. If these messages are supported enough as children, they may have a better chance of deflecting the counter messages they may be bombarded with as they grow. They might be happy adults, creating lives that are more aligned with their essential nature as flow beings.

    I am learning to talk to myself in the same way I talk to my kids but it is much more challenging! I seem to be more calloused and harder to reach as an adult. I tell myself the unknown is my friend, its okay to trust what I can’t see and to pursue big dreams. I tell myself I am loved beyond measure by the mystery and worthy of such perfect love, just as I am. This is not so easy!

    Part of this closing of the veil likely had to do with believing the lies that I needed to grow up, act like an adult and suck it up because thats just the way things are. Along with “I’ll never be enough” and “there is something wrong with me.” These messages had me so brainwashed! They still pop up (daily) but now I am seeing them more clearly for what they are.

    Thankfully, wake up calls were delivered by reality to lift the veil again. Sometimes these were joyful surprises, but more than often, very painful experiences. As Fr. Fragomeni described in the interview, I entered through that dark night of the soul. When there has been deep grief, when Im questioning my sanity, or do not feel worthy. These are the times when I am most open to receiving a life line from reality.

    I am learning to play with mystery again. I am opening up and learning to trust what I cant see. So for me, this story was a permission slip to do just that!

  2. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Are you crazy? I hope so!

    Have you crawled out to the edge of sanity and looked over?

    Have you personally and deeply encountered the absolute and total absurdity of human existence and all existence? Do you grasp the boundless humor of Ultimate Reality and that the joke is on us? Do you dwell daily in the refining furnace of consciousness of consciousness of consciousness entangled with the One not centered in human thought or human emotion?

    If the above words do not resonate, it may be because life makes sense to you. If the above words do not resonate, it may be because you have embraced our contemporary, rational, human-centered, scientific world-view as the method of explaining and eventually fixing everything.

    Yet, if you have grasped that absolute madness is simply an early step on the sincere journey of depth consciousness, then perhaps you may find the curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys edifying. I hope so!

    GO Deep…….

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