Station 5 - The Practice of Deep Talk: Bead 1 - Foundation of Silence

Journal Questions

What specific lines, phrases, or presenter voices captured my attention in this segment?

Five realities with which I am personally entangled include:

I now grasp that Deep Talk is…

I have personally experienced a connection and a relationship with “that which is just beyond” in my own life when…

An example of a “crutch” that helped me take little steps from where I was in my life to where I am now is…

An example of a personal “entanglement bead” or interior practice I value is…

I have personally experienced “being” and my “consciousness of consciousness of consciousness” when…

What message does Sister Joan attempt to communicate in this segment? How does she suggest we arrive at “a very good life?”

As a result of my encounter with Foundation of Silence, new or renewed personal practices I may consider include:

Other questions I wish the group to discuss are:

Group Questions

Which presenters most captured your attention in Foundation of Silence?

What are some of the lines or phrases from Foundation of Silence that now linger in your awareness?

Having just experienced an encounter with this material, talk about “What is Deep Talk?”

Talk about the meaning of “entanglement.” How is this relevant to a personal relationship with Ultimate Reality?

According to Sister Joan, what is the purpose of rituals, rites, liturgy, dogma, doctrine, and special beliefs, symbols and stories?

How have you experienced the dynamic of these elements or other "crutches" assisting in your own personal growth?

Who can share an example of an “entanglement bead” you value in the personal interior practice of your life today?

Is Gene Marshall on some kind of hallucinogenic drug in talking about “being” and “consciousness of consciousness of consciousness” or is he articulating a universal life reality we need to explore?

What does Sister Joan grasp about how to have “a very good life?”

Talk about your experience of the following statement: Thinking too much will get in the way of a real connection. It is sort of a paradox, I have to use my head to get out of my head... to get into my life.

What personal practices are you inspired to undertake as a result of encountering Foundation of Silence?

What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss?

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