Station 5 – Re-awakening the Mythos

Journal Questions

Journal Reflections represent an interior dialogue with your deepest essential reality. While your responses are for you alone, the relational practice of objectifying a response in written form can be helpful in achieving clarity and determining what may or may not have value to share with others.

  1. Images, pictures, scenes, and sounds, from Re-awakening the Mythos that captured my attention include:

  2. Lines or concepts I remember from Re-awakening the Mythos include:

  3. Two stories I encountered as I child that still dwell within me and perhaps have had a role in shaping my life today are:

  4. When Martin Shaw, PhD., says, “The earth thinks in myth” and “myth is a way of telling the truth” to me this means:

  5. “Trembling energies at the edge of my vision” (Martin Shaw, PhD.) of which I am aware today include:

  6. I understand “profound humanness” (Gene Marshall) as reflected in the Australian Aboriginal quote “I hear you in my own stories” to mean:

  7. Other questions I wish the group to discuss are:

*Please star your response to one or more of the questions above to write it in the “Comments” section at the end of the module. This contribution is your personal “seed” in nurturing a depth conversation with others.

Group Questions

  1. What images, pictures, scenes, or sounds from Re-awakening the Mythos linger in your memory?

  2. What are lines or concepts you remember from Re-awakening the Mythos?

  3. What is a story from your childhood you remember that might have played a role in shaping your perspective today?

  4. What does it mean when Martin Shaw, PhD, says, “The earth thinks in myth” and “a myth is a way of telling the truth”?

  5. What is an example of “trembling energies at the edge of your vision” (Martin Shaw, PhD) of which you are aware today? Talk about how this awareness is influencing your postures or practice toward daily life.

  6. Talk about the meaning to you of “profound humanness” (Gene Marshall) as reflected in the Australian Aboriginal quote “I hear you in my own stories.”

  7. What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss?

One thought on “Station 5 – Re-awakening the Mythos”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    What is the “great movement” that we are experiencing in human history now? I believe all great art and authentic myth must flow from this reality.

    What I think may not be reflected by anyone else. My answer would be that we realize our “Living in Oneness”; there might be a better way to articulate it. That we see the interconnectedness of each of us, we grasp the interconnectedness of our diverse cultures, and that we see our dependence and inter-relatedness with all life on the planet. I see this not just as a historical but perhaps beyond that as an evolutionary moment in life on our planet.

    Beyond my proclivity for facticity, the question for my life is “What is my Ultimate Story that guides my life?”

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