Station 5 - Connecting with the Enigma of Consciousness …Awakening to an All-Pervading Energy

Journal Questions

***Journal reflections represent an interior dialogue with my deepest center. These responses are for me. The relational practice of journaling allows me to objectify a response in written form. This exercise may assist in achieving clarity regarding insights to share with others.

What were the images, sounds, or quotations from The Enigma of Consciousness that captured my attention? What do I remember from this module?

My understanding of the reality and intersection of energy, chi, and consciousness is:

I have personally experienced the “wisdom call,” “…tap…tap…tap…”. Sister Joan refers to, in my life, when:

I grasp the difference between “magic” and “mystery” to be:

The lingering attraction of the popular culture of Yoda, Star Wars, and “The Force” is because:

New or revived personal practices I might consider exercising as a result of this module include:

Other questions I wish the group to discuss are:

Group Questions

What lines, phrases, or images linger in your memory from The Enigma of Consciousness? What do you remember?

If you were to choose one of the voices in this module to converse with over the next twenty years, what quote prompted your attention and what is the nature of the dialogue you might wish to pursue?

Talk about “what is energy?...chi?...consciousness? What is this module attempting to communicate from your perspective?

Where are you experiencing Sister Joan’s “wisdom tap” in your life now? How are you practicing listening to or attempting to avoid it?

The lingering attraction of the popular culture of Yoda, Star Wars, and “The Force” is because:

Talk about the difference between “magic” and “mystery”. Why do you sense this is an important distinction to grasp?

What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss?

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