Station 3 – The Practice of Deep Listening

Journal Questions

Journal Reflections represent an interior dialogue with your deepest essential reality. While your responses are for you alone, the relational practice of objectifying a response in written form can be helpful in achieving clarity and determining what may or may not have value to share with others.

  1. What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss regarding the management of an intentional interior life?

  2. The overall message I received from The Practice of Deep Listening is…

  3. What is the role of entertainment in my life?

  4. What is the role thoughts and feelings play in directing my life?

  5. What is one method I have found helpful in going deeper than thought and feeling within myself?

  6. What is the role of silence in my life? How do I currently structure or practice my relationship to “the Infinite Silence?”

  7. How do I balance silence and technology in my life?

  8. As a result of my encounter with The Practice of Deep Listening, new or renewed personal practices I may now consider include:

  9. Other questions I wish the group to discuss are:

*Please star your response to one or more of the questions above to write it in the “Comments” section at the end of the module. This contribution is your personal “seed” in nurturing a depth conversation with others.

Group Questions

  1. Which presenters most captured your attention in The Practice of Deep Listening?

  2. What message delivered by any of these presenters has continued to resonate and linger in your memory?

  3. What does it mean to be “entertained to death?” How can you illustrate this?

  4. What is the difference between surface communication and depth communication? How does one move beneath the five senses to connect with the Deep Place?

  5. What is the nature of a “thought” from the perspective of “good-for-nothing sitting?”

  6. What are examples of how one might structure an intentional relationship to silence?

  7. Please share your experience in attempting to practice quiet sitting or just being in the silence.

  8. What personal practices are you inclined to start or renew as a result of The Practice of Deep Listening?

  9. What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss?

2 thoughts on “Station 3 – The Practice of Deep Listening”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    Creative spirit, Creative spirit let me see
    Creative spirit, creative spirit be with me,
    Oh – oh—oh yeh – Oh yeh

    This is a verse of a song that I wrote called Eagle Chant, based on feelings emanating from my relationships with Native American understanding of spirit and of nature. I see that my creativity comes not from my ego consciousness but from my relationship with silence and my entanglement with Ultimate Reality, which is not the surface reality that seems so pervasively all around me at times.

  2. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Yes! The real creativity bursts forth from no-thing-ness; and that which is far beneath ego.

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