Station 2 - The Time Between the Myths

Journal Questions

Images, pictures, sounds, or phrases from Time Between the Myths that captured my attention include:

A myth is:

For me, the meaning of The New Myth is:

One way in which I experience missing a comprehensive guiding “story” in my life and the world around me is:

Three ways I see The New Myth emerging in the world around me include:

I see and practice The New Myth in my own personal life by:

An example of how I experience the challenge of “language” and practicing a “language of depth” in my own life is:

Other questions I wish the group to discuss are:

Group Questions

What images, pictures, lines, or phrases linger in your memory from the module The Time Between the Myths?

How do you experience the absence of a relevant comprehensive “story” as it relates to your personal life or the world around you?

What is a “myth”?

What does it mean to you to discover and practice a “new myth” that has the unified planet as its foundation?

Where do you see this new myth emerging in the world around you?

How do you experience or practice the new myth in your own personal life?

What is Joseph Campbell talking about when he says:

"There is no conflict between mysticism and science. But, there is a conflict between the science of 2000 B.C. and the science of 2000 A.D. That is the mess in our religions. We got stuck with an image of the universe that is about as simple and childish as you could imagine. The 3-level universe and all of that… It is of no use to us. We have to have poets. We have to have seers who will render to us the experience of the transcendent through the world in which we are living. "

Why does this segment, The Time Between the Myths, make such a big deal about “language”?

How do you experience the challenge of language and practicing a “language-of-depth” today?

What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss?

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