Station 2 - The Leap …Obedience to an Absurd Reality

Journal Questions

***Journal reflections represent an interior dialogue with my deepest center. These responses are for me. The relational practice of journaling allows me to objectify a response in written form. This exercise may assist in achieving clarity regarding insights to share with others.

What images, sounds, or lines of narrative from The Leap captured my attention? What do I remember from this module?

Three examples of how “the human-centered wish” manifests in my life include:

How do I understand the practice of “obedience” based on my encounter with The Leap? How do I answer the Narrator’s question?

To what reality am I obedient? Where do I find guidance for my life? Am I fundamentally guided by and obedient to my likes, my cravings, my desires, my wishes, my feelings, the direction of my friends, colleagues, or peer group? Does financial gain and security or political persuasion direct my day-to-day decisions? … Upon what foundation does my hope, my trust, and the decisions that shape my life rest?

What Gene Marshall means by attuned working is:

I have experienced motivation in my life from an encounter with contingency or limitation when:

One place where I have experienced “the leap” in my own life history was:

One place where I am being called to “leap” now is:

What are other questions regarding The Leap I wish the group to discuss?

Group Questions

What images, lines or phrases linger in your memory from The Leap?

If you were to choose one of the voices in this module to converse with over the next twenty years, what quote prompted your attention and what is the nature of the dialogue you might wish to pursue?

Share an example from your life of “the human-centered wish.” What is the “tension” experienced as authentic living referenced in The Leap? Where in your life has the experience of contingency or limitation provided motivation? Please share examples?

What did Gene Marshall mean by the practice of “attuned working”? Talk about the experience when your life is or is not in sync with Reality? What examples can you share?

Please share an example of “the leap” from your personal life history. Where are you currently called to “leap” in your own life?
Talk about how you experience humanity being called to “leap” in the current world?

What are other questions regarding The Leap you wish the group to discuss?

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