Quit the Jargon

3 thoughts on “Quit the Jargon”

  1. Terry Bergdall says:

    This is a long-standing insight for many of us but I found this short reflection about religious jargon, and the importance of moving beyond it, to be be particularly effective. This is a video I intend to use in a small discussion group newly formed at my church. Thanks, Terry Bergdall

  2. lmrlmr56@gmail.com says:

    I just listened to several of Sister Joans chapters or comments. She’s good.

    What she says about humility getting you to serenity is potentially very freeing. As I see it you just have to wrestle your ego to the ground and set yourself free. Sometimes I knowmy ego kicks my ass.

    Acknowledging mystery, saying no, God is not a puppeteer, creation is unfinished, we’re here to do our part in it. Being cocreators (it made me think as McCain was quoted, nothing is inevitable” WE shape where we go from here.)

    I still find myself wanting someone to promise me this big reward in the Hereafter. Clearly there is reward here and now in understanding what God isn’t and practicing with this distilled understanding that Sister Joan speaks of. I guess I haven’t given up on my big reward later, awareness of mystery allows me to preserve that I think, but I like how she describes God and being cocreators and that creation is unfinished.

    Just thinking out loud, thanks for making this available.

  3. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    What is the “special” language you use to talk to yourself about the Deep Things?

    Do you have “special” language? If so, where did you get it? Did you acquire this “special” language from your parents, your church, your education, your friends, or “special” books? Is it possible your “special” language was embedded into your consciousness by Hollywood and the popular culture?

    For many, the Deep Places are hidden today because an “authentic language” is obscured by “cultural junk.”

    A primary objective of the curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys is to present “clean” discussions of The Deep (cleansed of special language with too much baggage) in the contemporary exploration of emerging authentic language.

    Sr. Joan Chittister is a valued colleague in this immense undertaking. Please encounter this message: Quit the Jargon!

    GO Deep…….

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