Quantum Entanglement

2 thoughts on “Quantum Entanglement”

  1. katherine says:

    Did you look into the “causes” of your entanglement with you son and his dog From what I “heard” in very few words and with no personal experience with you is that your son was unconscious of “His” personal responsibility to the dog “He” took into “His” care. “You”, seeing the error, “you”, who did not make this error took charge to correct the error which your son needed in my opinion his own direct experience from “his” action in the correction process.

    The solution you presented to your son as to the dogs placement you did not follow yourself!

    Mistaking and substituting attachments and enabling behaviors as loving acts is the root causes of disabling entanglements and untold suffering in human relationships. This practice keeps us and our loved one’s trapped in a crippling disease which greatly hinders the fullness, the depth of THE ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER! ”

    If this observation helps God Bless and if it is not helpful trash it.

    Much, much, LOVE

  2. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Quantum Entanglement is both a fundamental principle of the universe and a contemporary way to understand the truth and power of love in our lives. The “sacred heart” where all is one is revealed in this segment.

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