Offended by Nothing

One thought on “Offended by Nothing”

  1. katherine says:

    Thank you-thank you-thank you! My heart is pounding with unspeakable JOY! I want to shout this JOY from the HIGHEST roof tops! To finally HEAR the REAL TRUTH be given the RESPECT, CARE, and LOVE It so-so-so long DESERVES will make my death an EVEN greater celebration !!!!!! For years and years I’ve been searching and longing to be a part of a REAL FAITH COMMUNITY that does NOT compromise the TRUTH for its own convenience! I haven’t found that community until NOW!
    OFFENDED BY NOTHING is one of the greatest freedoms a human being could directly experience because R E A L love and loving is NOT possible until that state of mind and heart is firmly established within one’s Being! We are so fortunate to be loved so much to be given the privilege of a few moments of “human” suffering while being showered with myriads and myriads of GRACE! In truth, with the outpouring of these GRACES real suffering is not possible!!!!

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