Nurturing Transparency

One thought on “Nurturing Transparency”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    We all know what it takes to get a lot of “Likes” on our Facebook postings.
    We all understand that the world is driven by personal love and love of the personal. The ego self, the personality self, dominate the popular culture. We cannot escape perpetually choosing relationships to this popular culture.

    However, there is another place to live. There is an alternative relationship to life.

    There is a Deeper Place.

    Sometimes the material, the temporal, and the very human melts. Sometimes the finite becomes a window into the in-finite. Sometimes the personal becomes transparent to the essential.

    Sometimes transparency happens!

    But, to what is the transparent transparent?

    The curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys provide short cinematic art forms sometimes capable of transparency into The Deep Place.

    Sr. Joan Chittister invites us to consider the alternative relationship to life discovered along the little-traveled path of humility. Consider the practice and posture of “Nurturing Transparency.”

    GO Deep…….

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