Nurturing an Intentional Interior Life

One thought on “Nurturing an Intentional Interior Life”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Is the consciousness of a Buddhist different from the consciousness of a Catholic Is the consciousness of a Pentecostal different than the consciousness of Presbyterian; or the consciousness of a Muslim different from the consciousness of a Methodist

    The material you will encounter on this site promotes a fundamental truth that consciousness is consciousness is consciousness; that the enigma of consciousness is a universal reality. However, there are two types of consciousness: disciplined consciousness and undisciplined consciousness.

    The human mind is an unrelenting thought-creation machine that, undisciplined, devolves inevitably into an entropic hurricane.

    The human heart is a ceaseless feeling-creation machine that, undisciplined, devolves quickly into an entropic swamp.

    The pairing of the heart and the mind and centering ones attention on either, or the combination, is a certain path into an entropic tsunami.

    It is only the discipline of consciousness in relation to the Deep Place that can restore sight to the contemporary blindness of the human family and our devolution into surface-level attacks upon one another.

    Different depth-seeking traditions propose alternative practices for managing consciousness, but it is this objective of disciplining consciousness that is foundational and shared.

    The curriculum resources of Interior Mythos Journeys provide a vehicle supporting the restoration of depth practices in the current age.

    Thank you for sharing this quest.

    GO Deep.

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