Mystical Death – The Ultimate Intimacy

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  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    If you feel like the messages you encounter in the curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys are a little “off” from the heavy influx of feel-good and its-all-about-YOU-fulfilling-your-SELF teachers, you are correct. These plentiful teachers sometimes help us temporarily rearrange our most potent neuroses or favorite or distasteful feelings. But these waves on the egoic surface remain….on the surface!

    The material of Interior Mythos Journeys is not intended to nurture our favorite illusions or comfortable feelings but to provide an encounter with That-Which-Is-Ultimately-and-Forever-REAL. It is only this encounter that has the possibility of radically and deeply transforming our lives.

    A less popular teacher, Søren Kierkegaard, taught it is only “in the anxiety of the anguished conscience” of how messed up we are, that we might, “submit to this radical cure; …the most fearful operation of all, of all. Just as unlikely as it is for a person who merely feels a little indisposed to think of submitting to the most painful operation—if, note well, s/he then knows what,” [living authentically in Reality] “is and has not been talked into some nonsense about [Truth’s] gentle, life-beautifying, and ennobling ground of comfort.” [CMT – Contemporary Mythos Translation]

    [Kierkegaard, Soren, Journals and Papers, Volume I, ed. and trans. Hong, Howard V. and Hong, Edna H., Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana University Press: 1967, #496, p 198.]

    Fr. Richard Fragomeni, Ph.D. helps us grasp this transformative encounter in “Mystical Death – Ultimate Reality.” Interior Mythos Journeys attempts to deliver to you voices of those teachers who are unwilling to compromise Truth and yet dwell among us. For me, Fr. Fragomeni is such a teacher.

    GO Deep…….

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