“Me” as an Art Form

One thought on ““Me” as an Art Form”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Who am I? I mean for real?

    Who is the “real me?”

    Who is the one that all of the therapists, counselors, and commercials are intent on helping me to find? Who is that one? Who is the “real me?”

    And…..do I really want to know?!

    What if the “real me” is hiding deep within the freedom I am using to choose the role I am embodying at this moment? What if the truth about life in time and space and physicality was always present and available in high school drama class but we just didn’t notice?

    Authenticity may have less to do with discovering some special quirk of personality than it does choosing and playing a role without reservation.

    The curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys invite us to consider the essential reality “I am” beneath and beyond the temporary and illusory shell of personality.

    GO Deep…….

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