Living the Open System



One thought on “Living the Open System”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    What are the boundaries of my world?

    What defines the outer edges of my existence?

    Do I live in a closed system or an open system?

    A closed system is…..closed! It is bounded by that which defines the edges: my physical body, my personality, my human intelligence, my friends and relatives, my wealth, my neighborhood, my country, my……whatever I claim that defines the life in which I live.

    An open system is…! Boundaries melt in a sea of mystery beyond human capacity to define.

    Contemporary humanity has become so smart we are stupid. Our egoic thinking believes we grasp and understand the edges of a human-centered existence. It is within this blindness we seek, in futility, to solve the dilemmas of our world.

    The curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys invite us to find our way back to the “open system” our ancestors grasped as they emerged from the cave, when they confronted the Mystery that was everywhere. They learned to punctuate the challenges of life with ritual in order to bear the overwhelming Mystery, not to make it go away.

    The omnipresent Mystery will not ever go away, even if we pretend, in our self-importance, it is not there.

    GO Deep…….

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