Life Journey Video Series

6 thoughts on “Life Journey Video Series”

  1. Charles Allen Lingo Jr says:

    Thank you Interior Mythos team for a clear and comprehensive statement introducing our common human challenge of reversing evil around and within us, person by person, by engaging ourselves in the possibility of a unique multiplicity of personal interior transformations.

  2. Lydia says:

    Thank you for the invitation. I accept.
    Blessings and love to all. Lydia

  3. Maryellen Greulich says:

    At the end of every video in this series, we are invited to go deeper on the journey. This is The Journey. It’s not a phase, it’s not a chapter in my life, it’s a life long journey. It has always been available, but consciously begins as soon as I say I’m on the journey. It’s a series of daily and moment to moment encounters and experiences, reminding me that I have said “yes” to this journey – to the whole of it. I am a relationship to the whole of reality. To the moments I dread, disappoint and suffer, to the moments of bliss and beauty. Hiking further, falling down, being reminded, climbing higher, forgetting and falling again, picking myself up and continuing onward. At this infant moment in my wonderstanding, I experience it as a journey of relating to the whole of reality as a human being, repeatedly placing the mystery at the center of experience, instead of placing myself or another secondary relationship at the center of experience. Repeatedly surrendering my human centered wish for that which is Real, or the way life is. For me at this moment; it is a constant practice.

  4. Lynne Boyle-Baise says:

    The phrase that captured my attention in “The Presence” was: don’t sleep through life. Often, I fear, I do just that. I get lost in stories of others to avoid stirring the pot of my own.

  5. Dee Burt says:

    Thank you for reminding me to get lost deliciously in the present.

  6. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Dee, “The Cloud of Unknowing” supports your reflection: “One must lose the radical self-centered awareness of one’s own being if s/he will reach the heights of contemplation in this life.”

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