I Am My Neighbor

One thought on “I Am My Neighbor”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Religion and science, when functioning properly, have precisely the same objective: to explore Reality. It is the souvenirs we collect or are gifted on our journey of exploration that allow us to live more fully and upon a foundation of Reality. Science allows us to measure and manage the external physical world and to function within it. Religion allows us to manage attention and intention as we encounter the subjective interior world. These two human-created categories and disciplines, at the deepest level, are not in conflict but in absolute harmony. If conflict is apparent we have not yet explored deeply enough through whichever vehicle.

    It is the function of Interior Mythos Journeys to reorder the relationship to that universal life dynamic the human family has formerly pointed to with the word religion.

    An intentional interior life is beckoning.

    GO Deep.

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