Hiding in My Personality Box

One thought on “Hiding in My Personality Box”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Mister Rogers (Fred) was fond of promoting the concept that children should be nurtured early in life to develop a strong sense of self, ego strength, and personal self-image. And then, this precious human being, if they are to continue growing and maturing into the essential depth of adulthood, they should promptly…lose it!

    Many of us enthusiastically embrace the first part of Mister Roger’s prescription for depth maturity but recoil at the second.

    If you can believe it, we get caught. We get caught falling in love with our “self.” We get caught falling in love with our entrapment in the self-constructed personalities we have painstakingly built over the years as a protection against the depth of our essential reality and deepest authenticity.

    Gene Marshall invites us to become aware of the very specific ways in which we live on the surface of life Escaping My Depth. Thank you Gene!

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