Grieving Time and Timeless Gifts

2 thoughts on “Grieving Time and Timeless Gifts”

  1. Donny Rothbardt says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with grieving. However, one of my first and trusted mentors suggested, we grieve mostly because we never told the person we’re grieving for, how much we loved them.
    And so (unconsciously) withholding our love for another, is like withholding our love for ourselves and holding our breath for long periods of time. Often till we die.
    Something to really think about.
    Donny Rothbardt
    Abington, PA

  2. Richard E MacKay says:

    Thank you for your deep meditation on the significance and message of Zacherys death. You have given me deeper insight over the death of my father at age 5 that has colored my whole life. More recently Ive felt or tried not to feel the grief over a completed ten year loving relationship with my partner. Thank you.

    Richard MacKay
    Huntsville, AL

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