The Gift of Art and Suffering

One thought on “The Gift of Art and Suffering”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    If you wish to connect deeply with another, pay attention to their art. Ask them about their art. Notice their art. Comment on their art. Listen to them discuss their art. Honor their art.

    We each have our art whether we call it art or not. We each have that creational exercise or practice that connects us with The-Uncreated-Reality-That-Creates-All-Things. This energy may be released in the culinary arts, the athletic arts, the financial arts, the literary arts, the performing arts, the management arts, the educational arts, or a hundred other practices that, in the first instance, are not regarded as art; but it is this creational exercise that is most personally transformative as our art delivers us to a connection with the Deep Place.

    We create our art and our art creates us. We create our myth and our myth creates us.

    GO Deep.

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