Experience and Language – Not So Simple

One thought on “Experience and Language – Not So Simple”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Our world is overrun by intellectuals.

    Our world is overrun by intellectuals, scholars, academics, professors, and lots of really smart people. These are mostly wonderful people. Many of them are very articulate about the right answer.

    However, the world now needs more practitioners; people who live Truth and practice Truth. It is one thing to understand and explain Truth, it is another thing to experience, apply, and live it.

    Our world and the human family is particularly in need of intentional interior life practitioners exercised in the encounter with Ultimate Reality.

    In this regard, language, particularly poetic or mythic language, is both the problem and the possibility.

    The conundrum of contemporary mythic language is one of the foundations upon which the curriculum of Interior Mythos Journeys is built.

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