One thought on “Contemplative”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    So far, I?m only orienting myself to this new website. I would welcome dialogue with others. Is that possible with this new website?

    Being an activist really did not fully define me, and so I struck out on my own, led by this spirit. When in Japan, and hearing others talk so surely about God and Jesus, I thought of the phrase, ?There?s nothing to it.? It?s not a denial of that theology, but taking it to another level. Here?s how I think of those images, emphasizing how I see it in reality. There?s NOTHING to it. If you follow my thinking, I?m changing the materiality of the language to something present but more in the realm of ?beginners mind?. This makes me, I believe, a contemplative, and I think you have defined how I see myself and what I practice.

    I don’t know if this speaks to anyone else.

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