Connecting with My Essential Reality

2 thoughts on “Connecting with My Essential Reality”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Does the old language still work for you?

    Does the old language still deliver you to the Deep Places?

    How about the effectiveness of the old language to deliver your children to the Deep Places? Your spouse? Your friends? Your co-workers? Your enemies? All the people who share our contemporary Global Village?

    Is the old language still working for you, or when you share it publicly, does it mostly provoke fights and create confusion?

    There is no more compelling task today than the quest for a New Myth; a New Myth in harmony with the diverse global village, the digitally enveloped planet, and the quantum scientific worldview we share. Until the hint of a New Myth appears, our politics, our economics, our education, our environment, and the foundation of our global culture will not be healed.

    The quest for a New Metaphor will not be easy or quick. Much experimentation and countless false starts will be necessary. But, we must begin. The curriculum modules of Interior Mythos Journeys represent a tiny, totally inadequate, step up this mountain towering above our human family.

    Gene Marshall has spent many decades toiling without fanfare, far beyond the limelight of the human community, to give voice to the foundations of a relevant emerging New Metaphor. The linage of teachers informing his work is rich and deep.

    We are grateful for Gene’s contributions to Interior Mythos Journeys in Exploring States of Being.

  2. Richard E MacKay says:

    This is so true for me. We live in a world where many people can’t connect to the spirit depths, yet we are advanced in technology, and so many things.

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