Connecting with That-Which-Is-Just-Beyond

One thought on “Connecting with That-Which-Is-Just-Beyond”

  1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    “Life Journey #2” guides the participant on an 8-module personal encounter with “The Ultimate Reality.” Life Journey #2 explores the existential context for the Question of “God;” a word so distorted by contemporary popular culture that one only uses it with extensive context or in order to start a fight. In “Life Journey #2” this special word is not even mentioned until module #6.

    “Life Journey #3” explores another word and personal practice that has been equally molested, perverted, corrupted, fantasized, and hijacked by contemporary popular culture. This much-abused word is “prayer.” “Life Journey #3” explores this universal human dynamic as “The Ultimate Entanglement.” Susan Pudelek contributes meaningfully to this endeavor.

    There is no more important practice to recover in this critical hour than the ability to commune and communicate personally with The Ultimate Reality.

    GO Deep…….

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