Bead 5 – Repetitive Interior Recitation

Journal Questions

Journal Reflections represent an interior dialogue with your deepest essential reality. While your responses are for you alone, the relational practice of objectifying a response in written form can be helpful in achieving clarity and determining what may or may not have value to share with others.

  1. What specific lines, phrases, or presenter voices captured my attention in Bead 5?

  2. Two examples from my life of a “dialogue with an interior recitation” include…

  3. The ensuing journey provoked from one of the dialogues above has resulted in…

  4. A primary daily affirmation (repetitive interior recitation) guiding my life now is…

  5. What are “the thoughts I am nurturing in my consciousness and imprinting on my heart today?”

  6. As a result of my encounter with Repetitive Interior Recitation, new or renewed personal practices I may now consider include:

  7. Other questions I wish the group to discuss are:

*Please star your response to one or more of the questions above to write it in the “Comments” section at the end of the module. This contribution is your personal “seed” in nurturing a depth conversation with others.

Group Questions

  1. What lines or phrases linger in your memory from Entanglement Bead of Repetitive Interior Recitation?

  2. What one Voice serving as an example of a repetitive interior recitation in Bead 5 stuck in your memory and seemed to personally resonate?

  3. Share an example of a dialogue with an interior recitation from your life. What was or is the journey this dialogue has provoked?

  4. What personal practices are you inclined to start or renew as a result of your encounter with Repetitive Interior Recitation?

  5. What additional questions do you wish the group to discuss?

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  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    Yes, very helpful.

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