A Presence Enveloping Me

One thought on “A Presence Enveloping Me”

  1. Isaiah Storywarrior says:

    Sr. Joan Chittister beckons us to venture into the deep water beyond where our nice, rational, controlling words can reach…out…out…into the experience of our own actual lives. This is the place where we can meet the Great One of the Deep; the “God” we are so good at confining to the many prisons of human language.

    The curriculum of Interior Mythos Journeys generally avoids the many land mines surrounding the traditional poetic expression of: “G….O….D.” A guiding principle in these curriculum modules is that “it is OK to use any word as long as you say what it is in your own most personal life experience you are pointing to with that word.” The 8 modules of Life Journey #2 (available on this web site) explore the existential context for the question of God. Yet, this special word is not mentioned until Module # 7 (Naming the Name).

    A contemporary language of authenticity cannot emerge divorced from the depth mythic language of our rich human wisdom traditions. Yet, this task of building a contemporary language of depth is one of laying down the track as the train is moving forward. Please join us in this ongoing endeavor.

    GO Deep…….

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