The Silence

Journal Questions

The 3 elements that most captured my attention in this Station were

Silence is

The role silence plays in my life is

The favorite distractions I use to avoid paying attention to the silence include

The practices I find helpful in quieting the noise in my mind include

The practices I find helpful in staying connected to Silence include

I understand the following quote to mean

If you love truth, be a lover of silence. Silence like the sunlight will illuminate you. and will deliver you from the phantoms of ignorance. Silence will unite you to Ultimate Reality.
Isaac of Niniveh (4th Century Syrian Monk)

The personal life practices I will now begin or continue as a result of my encounter with this Station include

Group Questions

What images, sounds, concepts, or messages caught your attention in this Station What stuck in your consciousness What do you remember (Recreate a group verbal montage of the Station without reflection on specific elements but simply bringing the material back to mind).

What is silence

What are your favorite distractions that you use to keep from paying attention to the silence

What exercises or practices do you find helpful to quiet your mind

What are the practices you find helpful to sustain a connection with Silence

How does someone Pay attention to nothing Eckhart Tolle

To what practice is this quote pointing

What is the relationship between silence and noise How might we practice trusting silence more than noise How might this change the way we live our lives

What potential personal practices did you discern from this Station

What additional questions are raised for you, by the encounter with this Station, that you would like the group to discuss or address now

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