The Transformation

Journal Questions

The 3 elements that most captured my attention in this Station were

I understand transformation to mean

Instances in my life when I have experienced transformation include

Times in my life when I have experienced a perspective that all is new include

Areas in my life where I practice removing my attention from one reality and placing it upon another include

5 themes, images, locations, or events that repetitively appear in my dreams include

The relationship I currently choose toward my dreams can be characterized as

Times during my busy or noisy everyday life when I catch myself also being aware of The Silence include

The personal life practices I will now begin or continue as a result of my encounter with this Station include

Group Questions

What images, sounds, concepts, or messages caught your attention in this Station What stuck in your consciousness What do you remember (Recreate a group verbal montage of the Station without reflection on specific elements but simply bringing the material back to mind).

What is transformation How have you experienced this reality in your own life

How do you practice removing your attention from something What examples can you share from your own real life experience

Describe the role that dreams play in your life What practices do you practice in relationship to your dreams

When or where during your busy or noisy everyday life do you catch yourself becoming aware of the presence of Silence

What are the practices that you find helpful in sustaining you in a connection with a Greater Reality

What is Thomas Merton communicating in the following statement and what does it have to do with transformation

Only when we are able to let go of everything within us, all desire to see, to know, to taste and to experience this One, do we truly become able to experience that presence with the overwhelming conviction and reality that revolutionize our entire inner life.
Thomas Merton

What potential personal practices did you discern from this Station

What additional questions are raised for you, by the encounter with this Station, that you would like the group to discuss or address now

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