6. The Unknowing

Journal Questions

Journal Reflections represent an interior dialogue with your deepest essential reality. While your responses are for you alone, the relational practice of objectifying a response in written form can be helpful in achieving clarity and determining what may or may not have value to share with others.

  1. The 3 elements that most captured my attention in this Station were

  2. Situations in which I experience myself to be absolutely ignorant include

  3. When I contemplate the hugeness of the Universe and All-That-Is I experience

  4. When I get caught in my head attempting to understand some reality that cannot be understood I practice

  5. The difference between a stuff-centered world and a Mystery-centered world is

  6. I experience what Gene Marshall is pointing to when he says.

    We are the sons and daughters of Everythingness. We are a relationship to Everythingness. We are a relationship that we cannot escape and which is also our glory.
    Gene Marshall

  7. The personal life practices I will now begin or continue as a result of my encounter with this Station include

*Please star your response to one or more of the questions above to write it in the “Comments” section at the end of the module. This contribution is your personal “seed” in nurturing a depth conversation with others.

Group Questions

  1. What images, sounds, concepts, or messages caught your attention in this Station What stuck in your consciousness What do you remember (Recreate a group verbal montage of the Station without reflection on specific elements but simply bringing the material back to mind).

  2. What was the message of Station 6 What is unknowing

  3. When or where do you experience yourself to be absolutely ignorant

  4. How do we actually practice unknowing What does this look like

  5. What is the difference between a stuff-centered world and a Mystery-centered world Why is this important for us to grasp

  6. What new understanding do you have of becoming a practicing contemporary contemplative from this Station

  7. What do you believe Gene Marshall is attempting to communicate in the following statement How do you experience this in your own most personal life

    We are the sons and daughters of Everythingness. We are a relationship to Everythingness. We are a relationship that we cannot escape and which is also our glory.
    Gene Marshall

  8. What potential personal practices did you discern from this Station

  9. What additional questions are raised for you, by the encounter with this Station, that you would like the group to discuss or address now

One thought on “6. The Unknowing”

  1. Richard E MacKay says:

    The Unfolding Question

    The Universe is certainly different from the way it has been imagined, particularly by the religious fundamentalists. Quantum physics and space travel have revealed that inner and outer space are not separated. Chronological time also is not a solid entity, but something we have fabricated and then pinned our own cultural stories to it to hold it in being. Many people seek solace and peace in this old understanding, this old mythological framework that some see as literally true. Unfortunately, it no longer works; they are chasing illusion.

    There is, however, the other world of mystery, wonder, care, and challenge in the here and now, but it is much more mysterious than our minds can grasp, though science is continually finding out more about it. The Native Americans enter this other world through nature, which seems more realistic than the mainstream Christian beliefs in America.

    This is my thinking only this morning, so I think theres more to unfold with this conversation. Perhaps you have some feedback. Science has radically changed our perspective in this age, but the world is not just an objective it out there, either. Grasping this perspective spiritually is, I believe, our foremost challenge.

    1. Amanda Storywarrior says:

      Richard, Yes, the Other World of which you speak has always been with us and has always been one reality. The scientific world views, which we the human family, have used to try to describe that Other World have varied and will continue to do so. But, the One Reality will remain the One Reality. This is why, in our current age, we must overcome our contemporary scientific snobbery so that we can appreciate the depth message present in all of the great wisdom traditions and the literature and rituals of those traditions as they have delivered us to this current interior space. We must not let the literalists and fundamentalists divert our attention from the One Reality that remains the One Reality.

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