Life Journey #2 The Ultimate Reality Station 1 – Free Fall

Journal Questions

Journal Reflections represent an interior dialogue with your deepest essential reality. While your responses are for you alone, the relational practice of objectifying a response in written form can be helpful in achieving clarity and determining what may or may not have value to share with others.

  1. What objective realities stuck in my memory from the encounter with Free Fall: images, pictures, objects, sounds, lines of text, etc. (Quickly re-create a surface-level recall of the experience).

  2. The three elements that most captured my attention were...

  3. Where did you sit up and take notice of what was going on

  4. What was uncomfortable for you

  5. Where did you want to say a resounding Yes

  6. What tells you that the world as we know it is coming to an end

  7. How is your world, as you have experienced it up until now, coming to an end

  8. When have you experienced deliverance coming from within

  9. When have you experienced waiting for something else to come only to discover that nothing else is coming How did you experience this dynamic delivering freedom

  10. What are the implications of your encounter with Free Fall What personal life practices, postures, or next steps are you inclined to consider

  11. What other questions raised for you by the encounter with Free Fall do you wish to explore more deeply

*Please star your response to one or more of the questions above to write it in the “Comments” section at the end of the module. This contribution is your personal “seed” in nurturing a depth conversation with others.

Group Questions

  1. What images, sounds, concepts or messages caught your attention in this module What stuck in your consciousness What do you remember (Recreate a group verbal montage of the cinematic module without reflection on specific elements but simply bringing the material back to mind).

  2. Where did you want to say a resounding yes

  3. Where did you experience discomfort at the material presented

  4. What are the key messages from Free Fall

  5. Where are you experiencing your world coming to an end

  6. What does it mean to receive the invitation to move from a people-centered or earth-centered existence to a mystery-centered existence How do you experience this happening in your own life

  7. How are you experiencing Free Fall in your own life

  8. How do you experience deliverance coming from within

  9. When have you experienced waiting for something else to come only to discover that nothing else is coming How does this dynamic deliver freedom

  10. How might your life be different moving forward as a result of engaging Free Fall What new relational practices, postures, or next steps are you inclined to consider What personal decision(s) does this present

  11. What other questions are raised for you by this encounter with Free Fall that you wish for the group to discuss

  12. How is society today experiencing its world coming to an end

  13. Talk about your personal experience of encountering The Pale Blue Dot

9 thoughts on “Life Journey #2 The Ultimate Reality Station 1 – Free Fall”

  1. David Lawler says:

    My experience with this first station, including the introduction, the video and follow-up discussion was wonderful. The video does a wonderful job of underscoring something that I’ve been contemplating a lot lately: the complete insanity of the world’s (as well as my own) habitual thinking. The traditional, good-bad, righteous-evil thinking has brought us to the brink of extinction. After many, many years of “seeking” I’m starting to really grasp that a non-dualistic approach to life is all that makes sense. With this as my relatively new premise, the title of this module, “Free Fall” makes perfect sense! I’m also starting to understand that this Process does not occur alone but in dialogue with others. I look forward to more!

  2. says:

    This is my 2nd “Journey” and i am grateful for it already. What comes up the most for me is: IT’S NOT ABOUT ME and IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!
    I welcome the 8 week dialogue we are about to have because I no longer can accept doing it alone. The microcosm/macrocosm must be viewed and examined together, I feel, in order to find a way to make positive change for the better, both individually and collectively.

    1. Lauri Boyd says:

      Interestingly, the answers to the questions “What was uncomfortable for you” and “Where did you want to say a resounding ‘YES'” were the same. The idea that there is nothing else coming is at once disturbing and freeing. The old myth teachings are so ingrained in me that I feel a flash of fear at this simple statement that is so contrary to them. The word ‘heresy’ comes to mind. On the other hand, the implication contained in the idea of ‘nothing else’ is that whatever ‘it’ is, is already here and I am already living it.
      Of late, I have been dwelling on a sort of mantra – something new is wanting to emerge. Seen in the context of this video clip, the something is already here, always has been. The only ‘new’ thing is my awareness of it.

      1. Michael D. May says:

        Yes..yesyes! Thank you Lauri for these reflections.

        I dont like “Free Fall!” It turns off most people and prevents them from exploring further on THE Journey. “Free Fall” is a stumbling block, a narrow gate, the eye-of-the-needle. It is the stone the builders rejected. I want somebody or some Super Thing or some Magic Place to come and rescue me from my real life in this crazy little mundane planet. But that messiah aint coming; and it is this no-messiah Messiah that is the Truth that will set me free if I am willing to give up my bondage to make-believe.

        “Free Fall” is the gateway. “Free Fall” is the real historical context of our special moment in history. Your reflection is on target: if I can get over that which is disturbing I have the possibility of discovering that which is absolutely freeing.

        “God is not a noun, but a verb!” Al Lingo

        Here is a Personal Affirmation Statement on this subject in which I have found nurture:

        Oh You-Who-Do-Not-Exist,

        You do not exist until we look for You, and then, we see You everywhere. We feel you everywhere, we touch You everywhere, You touch us everywhere..we sense You in everything, we know You in every encounter, we experience Your Presence in every experience.

        You do not exist, until we decide to seek You, and then, we find ourselves.

        You do not exist until we seek You and then we discover that it is we-who-do-not-exist and You-Who-Exist-Forever. We discover that the we we cling to is but a manifestation of vaporous mist of a passing cloud in the cosmos called time and that You, the Timeless One, exist forever in the Reality that never ends.

        So in this moment, fill these fragile, time-bound human hearts with Your timeless presence, that we may, even for a moment, be lifted, and see rightly in this world.

        Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  3. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    David, I appreciate these insightful comments. Thank you. In my encounter with the great teachers and voices of the human family throughout history, I gather that each of these teachers of depth did in fact grasp a non-dualistic approach within their own particular historical, scientific, and cultural circumstances. They were each able to, paradoxically, go beyond the moral or scientific or fundamentalist elements of separation within their contemporary circumstances and see and sustain a connection with the Unity that is forever at the center of life and existence if we are open to acknowledging it. This is also our great task today. Lets continue to encourage the dialogue.

  4. says:

    I have been in an inquiry regarding death for most of my 72 years, most recently in the past three years intentionally and consciously looking for not answers but openings. Free falling seems like the possibility of death with grace. Here is a writing by the extraordinary poet, John O’Donohue, about place in the world that is my current direction:


    Each one of us is alone in the world. It takes great courage to meet the full force of your aloneness. Most of the activity in society is subconsciously designed to quell the voice crying in the wilderness within you. The mystic Thomas a Kempis said that when you go out into the world, you return having lost some of yourself. Until you learn to inhabit your aloneness, the lonely distraction and noise of society will seduce you into false belonging, with which you will only become empty and weary. When you face your aloneness, something begins to happen. Gradually, the sense of bleakness changes into a sense of true belonging. This is a slow and open-ended transition but it is utterly vital in order to come into rhythm with your own individuality. In a sense this is the endless task of finding your true home within your life. It is not narcissistic, for as soon as you rest in the house of your own heart, doors and windows begin to open outwards to the world. No longer on the run from your aloneness, your connections with others become real and creative. You no longer need to covertly scrape affirmation from others or from projects outside yourself. This is slow work; it takes years to bring your mind home.

    John O’Donohue
    Excerpt from ETERNAL ECHOES

  5. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Thank you for this substantive and appropriate reflection by John ODonohue. Thomas a Kempis, St. John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Brother Lawrence, the authors of The Cloud of Unknowing and the Theological Germanica provide classic guidance into the journey we must rediscover today. It is this journey Argena refers to when she indicates its not about me. These classic voices were all clear and in agreement on this path. The “Life Journey” series is built on the foundation of these great teachers and is an effort to explore such openings in a contemporary art form.

  6. says:

    Last night I attended a free on-going event at the Monroe County Library called Ultimate Reality. We were shown a brief film with several quotes from the likes of Joseph Campbell and Carl Sagan. The gist of the film was that since landing on the moon, everything we have known as a human species has radically changed. To quote Joseph Campbell the world, as we know it, is coming to an end. Images of ancient icons of religion and statues of kings and queens flashed on the screen as we are reminded that all our former cosmologies no longer apply. We are shown the last picture of Earth taken as the Voyager sped outward on its journey. Our planet appears as a tiny blue spec in one vast spiraled arm of stars in the Milky Way. Carl Sagans voice reminds us that all the people we have known or who have ever lived; all the famous inventions and the most horrific warsall of it has taken place on this tiny blue spec. All the empire building and consequential suffering amounts to a nano-second of time on a spec of a dust in a vast universe. What does it all amount to, what does it all mean. We are essentially alone in the vastness of space no one is coming to save us we must save ourselves. All our models of the past can no longer guide us or answer our questions, we have entered a mystery centered existence we are now in Free Fall.
    We are asked to break into small groups and have a discussion based on questions provided in Explorers Guide binder we were given. There were questions related to whether we resonated with the material or what caused us discomfort. However the most meaningful questions to me were: How are we experiencing our world coming to an end How do we observe society experiencing its world coming to an end How are we personally experiencing free fall in our lives
    I think of my elderly friends comment that somewhere along the line she began seeing all of life as a metaphor. Perhaps the point of the film was that our philosophical explanations no longer apply and our cosmology is too limiting given weve gone out into space. Yet personally I have been languishing in a kind of despair over the literalness of the world coming to an end. Every day we see pictures of melting glaciers and destructive storms, every year becomes the new warmest on record. All our social institutions are in decline and failing us; refugees flood every port and border clans and families rent asunder; towns and cities turned to rubble by war, earthquake and drought. In my personal life I feel set adrift as if I have left a known shore and am floating without a clear destination or direction. Yes all is in free fall.
    Im not sure I believe this free fall state is a direct consequence of space travel but there is some kind of curious synchronicity here. So many ancient traditions from the Mayan calendar to Hopi Prophecy to Hindu Yuga reckoning all point to this as a time of great change. Modern writers say we must reinvent ourselves, come up with a new story to change our direction, lest we perish. Life as metaphor is my life a metaphor for the larger picture Are the Earth changes a metaphor for some larger turning Are we in free fall some having left one shore in search of a better way while others fearfully cling to the security of the past imagined order What does moving into a mystery centered existence mean and am I there because judgment and certainty drop away as I contemplate metaphor and synchronicity What are my future guideposts to be Yes were in free fall.
    Pam Raider

  7. Amanda Storywarrior says:

    Pam, Somehow I find a strange comfort in the observation by Nikos Kazantzakis:

    I do not seek the beginning and the end of the world.
    I follow my hearts dread rhythm and plod on!

    Say farewell to all things at every moment.
    Fix your eyes slowly, passionately, on all things and say:
    Never again!
    Nikos Kazantzakis

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