The Enigma of Consciousness 14h - Enchantment with Being

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Marshall, Gene, The Enigma of Consciousness, Realistic Living Press, Bonham, TX, 2012. Chapter 14.

Enchantment with Being (excerpts from Chapter 14 please read the original material for complete context)

1) Enchantment with Being is an aspect of the I Am that stands between our Universal Forgiveness and our Inherent Purity.

2) Enchantment with Being is the core quality of being our True Being.

3) Enchantment with Being also stands between Autonomous Strength and Out-flowing Compassion as the core quality of Spirit Love.

4) Enchantment with Being is the core aspect of the I Am; it is an enrichment for all the other aspects of the I Am.

5) To grasp the poetry in the term Enchantment, we might recall our relation with our first love partner, a person who captivated our enduring attention day and night.

6) Or perhaps we have been enchanted with a community we belonged to, with some work we did, with some place we lived, or with some specific time in our lives.

7) Enchantment means an intense, unusually intense, attention and intention toward some focus.

8) Our Enchantment with Being is the full intensification of enchantment, for Being is the quintessence of intensity.

9) It is not quite accurate to call this intensification ecstasy, though experiences of ecstasy may be manifestations of this enchantment.

10) Enchantment with Being is more subtle than ecstasy; it is a more enduring experience than moments of intense feeling.

11) I am proposing the poetic phrase Joyous Stillness.

12) Enchantment with Being is also a sort of Rest.

13) Our hearts are restless until we rest in this Rest.

14) It is the promised land where all is at rest, where abundance flows with milk and honey (or whatever else symbolizes the good fortune of such radical completion).

15) Though Still and Restful, Enchantment with Being is also the full intensity of our experience of the I Am.

16) Enchantment with Being may be experienced as a breaking out of our personality habits into a state of being that happens to us from time to time.

17) And we can also come to recognize this quality as a permanent station of the I Am that we never need to leave.

Reflection Questions

Who can describe the experience of what it was like the first time (or the 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th) you fell in love

Read sentences 4 6. What is some reality that for some period of time has captured your enduring attention day and night (5) (Each share one).

Read sentence 7. What is enchantment

What is Enchantment with Being (8 15) What is Being

How do you think it is different nurturing an Enchantment with Being as opposed to an enchantment with a person, place, or thing How would you contrast these practices and the resulting experience

Go around circle, each reading one sentence. (stop and raise a question if you wish to discuss one of these statements)8..9..1011. .1213.(Where has anyone experienced this kind of rest How would you describe the experience)14.15.16..17.

How have any of us learned to practice connecting with or preparing to connect with this state of being

What question of this material would you like to discuss with the author for further clarification or guidance .(How would anyone else address this question)

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