Kazantzakis 2 - The Dark Eternal Fountains

Curriculum Focus

Reality Base


Kazantzakis, Nikos, The Saviors of God: Spiritual Exercises. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1960. p 44.

Life startles us at first; it seems somewhat beyond the law, somewhat contrary to nature, somewhat like a transitory counteraction to the dark eternal fountains; but deeper down we feel that Life is itself without beginning, an indestructible force of the Universe. Otherwise, from where did that superhuman strength come which hurls us from the unborn to the born and gives usplants, animals, humanscourage for the struggle But both opposing forces are holy. It is our duty, therefore, to grasp that vision which can embrace and harmonize these two enormous, timeless, and indestructible forces, and with this vision to modulate our thinking and our action.

Reflection Questions

Which lines or phrases caught your attention

Where have you been startled by life in such a way that your world has been shaken up and you have been stretched beyond your comfort zone

What have you learned from any of these experiences How have any of these encounters caused you to grow or choose a new relationship to life

Is it true that life is always a struggle Do we or can we ever arrive at a place where there is no struggle

If you were to translate the word holy into contemporary language, what word would you use How would you articulate the concept you believe Kazantzakis is attempting to communicate

Why do you think/feel Kazantzakis asserts that it is our duty to grasp a harmonizing vision What difference does this make to anything

What reflections or connections arise in you when you encounter this Personal Affirmation: "I embrace and harmonize the opposing forces within me."

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