The Enigma of Consciousness 14i - Compassion

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Out-flowing Compassion (excerpts from Chapter 14 please read the original material for complete context)

1) Out-flowing Compassion is an aspect of the I Am that stands between the quality of other-relatedness I called Effortless Letting Be and the quality of other-relatedness I called Attuned Working.

2) Out-flowing Compassion is the core aspect of the I Am in relation to the outward world of others, the Earth, and the cosmos.

3) Out-flowing means attention and movement away from our preoccupation with inwardness toward whatever is occurring in our actual encounters with the surrounding processes of Reality.

4) The Strength described as Autonomous Strength is now experienced as a power moving toward a boundless type of affirmation of others.

5) Compassion means the power to be with others in all their joy, fun, pleasure, pain, horror, and despair.

6) Compassion is the opposite of drawing back into our safe and familiar places of inner experience.

7) Compassion means the capacity to be fully present to whomever enters our scope of engagement.

8) This includes both the friends and the enemies of our deepest values and causes.

9) It is as if we have no enemies except the temptation to withdraw into our own greed, contentment, and distraction.

10) This compassion does not mean serving our own personality or someone else's personality.

11) It means serving our own and other's realization of the I Am essence of being our True Being.

12) The state of compassion can include feelings of anger and sadness toward the corruption, depravity, and meanness of humanity as well as feelings of hope and joy toward the restoration of the I Am qualities in others and toward the social manifestations of justice and well being.

13) The state of compassion extends to all the living forms of our planet and to all the cosmic forces that support them.

14) Compassion includes action to change the social structures that care for all humans, all life forms, all processes of the planet.

15) Compassion is expressed in action, but can also be expressed in inaction, in the mere presence of being compassion.

16) Compassion is a singular devotion rooted in our Enchantment with Being.

17) It is not a scattered activism or a series of distractions: it is the unifying of our many tasks into one devotion.

18) It is not other-directedness: it flows from our own being not from the whims of others.

19) But it flows toward others; it does not focus on our own inward qualities.

20) In that sense it is self-forgetful.

21) And this compassion is also an out-flowing attitude toward our own being as part of the whole of Being.

22) It is the fulfillment of the familiar commandment to love your neighbor as you love your self.

23) Out-flowing Compassion may be experienced as a breaking out of our personality habits into a state of being that happens to us from time to time.

24) And we can also come to recognize this quality as a permanent station of the I Am that we never need to leave.

Reflection Questions

What is one care or concern about something or someone outside of your self that is currently consuming some of your attention

Read 3. What is our preoccupation with inwardness (3)

What is compassion (5) (7-8-9) (11) (12-13-14) (15) (16) (19-20) (21-22)
Who can share a life example of (5)
Who can share a life example of (7-8-9)
Who can share a life example of (11)
Who can share a life example of (12-13-14)
Who can share a life example of (15)
Who can share a life example of (16)
Who can share a life example of (19-20)
Who can share a life example of (21-22)

What is compassion not (6) (10) (17) (18)
Who can share a life example of (6)
Who can share a life example of (10)
Who can share a life example of (17)
Who can share a life example of (18)

Read 23 24. How might I live my life differently because of the awareness provoked in this material

What personal practices might be indicted from the encounter with this material

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