About Story Circles

"We enter into the common life not as demanders but as thankful recipients."
Dietrich Bonhoffer
What is a Story Circle

Our Paradox

Human beings live in community. Human beings are solitary; we are born and die alone. This is our paradox. We are forever separate yet bound together. Much of the depth journey into ones interior is a solitary exercise. However, there is a communal dimension to all depth seeking. It is this communal aspect of the journey into the deeps that the Story Circle addresses.

The Story Circle is something human beings have been doing since the beginning of time...

...whenever we have gathered to share our personal and collective stories with each other for guidance, support education, nature, counsel, celebration, and comfort. Participation in a Story Circle is one of our most fundamental needs. We have shared in Story Circles our entire lives: the small and large family units that nurtured us, the classrooms in school where we received our education, the social and athletic groups into which we have invested our life energy all of these have provided structures within which we have connected.

The Search for Depth

We all hunger for an authentic depth community. We all hunger for a forum and a structure by which we can encounter our peers and reflect upon the meaning of the actual experience of our real everyday lives and the greater journey of which they are a part. We all hunger for a Story Circle in our lives. Many of us are gifted to share a Story Circle dynamic with our life partner or family members. Often best friends, co-workers, or teammates can provide a Story Circle community. These fortunate connections may be more or less intentional, more or less conscious. The single unique factor distinguishing a Story Circle from any other surface-level social connection is that of coming together for the primary purpose of intentional depth seeking. A Story Circle comes together to explore and share at a profound level.
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