Quantum Mechanics and Interior Freedom

Written by:
Michael D. May

We all have a human mind, even me!

When we exercise the human mind in the practice of understanding and manipulating physical reality, time, and space we call this practice science.

Throughout human history, we have practiced science and this is a good thing to do. Sometimes we humans have practiced good science and sometimes we have practiced bad science but, given the feedback of actual outcomes, we eventually find our way to the stuff that works and move forward.

Science is good.

I am a scientific being. However, for almost all of my life, without even realizing it, I have been internally alienated from the scientific worldview of my time in history: Quantum Mechanics. I have been alienated, separated, and divorced from Quantum Mechanics, not just because I am not that bright, but also because I did not grasp it as the credible scientific worldview of our age. I was stuck in a previous scientific worldview dominated by Newtonian Physics. Dont get me wrong, I didnt really understand Newtonian Physics either, but that was the unconscious worldview I adopted for most of six decades.

I did not know how to see my world. I spent most of my life looking at the world through a fundamentally flawed scientific worldview.

Then I started participating in the Storywarrior Institute Discussion Forum.

A physicist on the Forum, Ken Gilbert, suggested I read Quantum Enigma to supplement our discussion of the issues generated over The Enigma of Consciousness by Gene Marshall.

Wow! I am on a new trajectory now.

Quantum Enigma is one of the few books I have read recently that actually took me on a journey. Over the past two decades I have accumulated a stack of books by physicists and scientists explaining Quantum theory and its application to theology, mysticism, and the deep things of life. I have another stack of books by theologians, philosophers, and self-proclaimed deep people explaining quantum mechanics and its intersection with life. With little exception, these two stacks of books have left me cold and uninspired. Thus, when I received Kens recommendation, I was skeptical. Quantum Enigma, by Bruce Rosenblum, Ph.D. and Fred Kuttner, Ph.D. of the Physics Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, adds an important element to the conversation.

The edge of the human journey is now moving from a fundamental worldview of separation to a fundamental worldview of unity; it is all one.

Energy is energy is energy and it is all connected.

The quest for a new myth, or new way of seeing and talking about this worldview of unity, is an important element in the transition we all share. I am excited about the possibility that quantum mechanics may provide credible contemporary poetry for evolving an appropriate new mythic language to nurture depth in the 21st Century. We will address this subject in future communications.

The purpose of depth-seeking tradition is to assist human beings to live in right relationship to Reality.

The purpose of science is to assist human beings to live in right relationship to Reality.

There is no conflict between the wisdom traditions and science; their objective is one and the same.

The Dalai Lama has often said when he encounters a conflict between his depth-seeking tradition and science he will generally trust science.

Ken Gilbert has provided a great service to me personally and to this Forum by bringing our attention to Quantum Enigma. This is a well-written book and takes the reader on a journey from the first page until the last. This book gently took me by the hand and guided this unconfident physics student on a journey into my own scientific life. It facilitates the journey of humankind in the practice of science over the past 2500 years since Aristotle.

For me, this book had a deeply therapeutic effect because I personally experienced profound disconnection, alienation, and separation from the past eight decades of the quantum scientific journey of humankind. I didnt get it. Yet, this is my timeframe in history. I am daily living with its impact. I was unable to grasp a personally intimate relationship to the quantum age. On an academic and professional level I am certainly not a physicist. Yet, on a historical level my life is imbued with quantum physics as a human being living in the 2nd decade of the new millennium. I was out of touch. This book was written for me and for all of you who did not do well in high school physics and didnt get it. This book reunites me with my real moment in the human journey and, through science, delivers me into the possibility of a right relationship to Reality.

There is no conflict between the wisdom traditions and science. May we choose a posture of gratitude for all the stepping-stones that deliver us to a right relationship to Reality.

Please join Gene, Ken, me, and others as, from this enhanced perspective, we continue to explore The Enigma of Consciousness.

Thank you, Ken!

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